An open letter to Malini Fonseka upon hearing of her pending resignation from Parliament

Your reported resignation from being an MP was a pleasant surprise and of courses a very welcome one. I don’t know you personally but I know that you are one of our most precious stars who has been shining on our silver screen for over three decades, if not more.
So why did you decide to get in to politics???? Was it for more publicity? For more personal gain? What did you think you could change by joining the band wagon of so called ‘artists ‘who pledged their allegiance to nothing but absolute power??? Why did you sell your soul Malini?
Instead, why didn’t you use your good name, your influence, your talent to salvage our film industry which is on its death bed? Are you happy with all the Kuwenis, Kusa pabas, Mahindagamanayas, the Gamanis and all the other crap that’s been fed to us forcibly for the sake of nationalistic pride???
Why can’t you use your good offices and influence to get the film industry to set itself on a fresh journey of resurrection to the glorious era of the sixties and the seventies where true cinema prevailed as a form of pure art and entertainment as opposed to the current era of history lessons and chest beating war glories!
Malini, is it impossible to gather together a group of a-political beings who truly love the cinema industry, who don’t love it for their mere existence, but for the true value of the medium, to develop a road map that would pull us out from this rotting rut we are in? Do such beings not exist any more???
Where are all those fantastic Actors? Directors? Cinematographers? Editors? Music directors? Set designers? Make- up artists? Play back singers etc etc we had? Sadly aren’t they are breathing their last in a world of no return. We need them back in our lives Malini!
We need a true cinema industry that would help the society to enjoy, learn, discuss, debate and most importantly be entertained.
Please divert your newly liberated non MP status towards salvaging our cinema industry.
Think about it Malini, you can leave a legacy behind as one of the greatest actors who made a difference to the Sri Lankan cinema when it was gasping for life… You can do it Malini. You must!


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