A New Improved ‘Maldives’

Maldives, you fascinate me! Coming to Maldives after a few years, has simply surprised me no end. A country I never had any great impressions for, has suddenly begun to wow me. For starters, the whole experience of Traders picking us up in a speed boat, the courtesy of the speed boat crew as opposed to the Dhoni boys I was used to who were like cousins of our private bus drivers, a fancy car coming to pick us up from the jetty just for a 30 second drive and finally checking into Traders at 1.30 am was my first aha! moment. Then came the surprise of the launch event. Geez I remember the lack of professionalism and capacity of the Maldivians when I used to do events yonks ago. Today, the venue
was so professionally laid out, equipment, arrangements was smooth and seamless. The next surprise was from the Vice President, Minister of environment and the other officials. I experienced the difference between EDUCATED and CULTURED politicians vs THUGS. Their presentations were awesome. Short. To the point. No political dilution. They were so dignified, they even acknowledged the work done by their predecessors who belonged to other political parties. Today, The Ministers in Maldives are all very well educated and so are the officials. I realized how well and confidently they spoke in English. The content and finesse of the ppts were noteworthy. The government officials were so conversant with the subject it was a pleasure to listen to. The Vice President only had one body guard who discreetly sat behind him. No gun trotting security personnel storming the event!
The VP and the ministers sat down with the rest and had a meal with no airs at all. Made a point to come across to our tables and thank us for coming!
The buildings… Those little Lego houses have turned into high rises! When I look out of my room, I simply can’t imagine I am in Maale. It’s changing so rapidly, not just the infrastructure, but the people too. For the better, for sure. Surprise surprise, we may wanna take a few lessons from them!
I hope the rest of my stay will only add to this list… Will continue my new experience.


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