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An open letter to Malini Fonseka upon hearing of her pending resignation from Parliament

Your reported resignation from being an MP was a pleasant surprise and of courses a very welcome one. I don’t know you personally but I know that you are one of our most precious stars who has been shining on … Continue reading

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Male grown tall!

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A New Improved ‘Maldives’

Maldives, you fascinate me! Coming to Maldives after a few years, has simply surprised me no end. A country I never had any great impressions for, has suddenly begun to wow me. For starters, the whole experience of Traders picking … Continue reading

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Motherhood – a choice or an obligation? KALUMAALI examines the options

Congratulations Ruwanthie, you have brought to the discussion table an extremely valid dichotomy. To be or not to be. A Mother! For most women, being a mother is the ultimate achievement of womanhood, the supreme sacrifice she makes in life … Continue reading

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