Just Do It

Don’t think. Don’t plan. Don’t argue.


(Inspired by a great brand idea)


This seems to be the best formula for success in life, today.

I am unlearning and learning how to exist in the new world of change in our industry. Either you embrace these new challenges or you perish. Gone are the days we were applauded for good ideas, great strategies and for passionate reasoning. Now it’s the era of clever head-lines, in your face pictures and give us what ‘we’ want culture.

If you want to stay a float. Just Do It! 

Mars: Can you do an ad? 

Venus:  Could you please give a brief?

Mars:  You should know what I need by now? If you want to be difficult, I’ll ask my other agency to do it for me. Much easier.

Guys, Just Do It! That’s my new manthra.

Venus : Who should we talk to?

Mars : Well, to the general public, who else? The house wife uses my brand, the daughter uses it, and my colleagues in office use it. So we have to appeal to everybody.

Venus: But shouldn’t we identify a key target audience?

Mars : No not for this campaign

Guys, Just Do It! That’s my new manthra

Venus : What kind of tone of voice would you want the campaign to have?

Mars : Well you are the agency. You should know.

Venus : Of course. Sure.

Within the agency we debate. Should it be ‘choka’ or ‘sira’. That’s our new lingo for the ‘tone of voice’. We compromise.  Do a ‘sira’ for the brand and a ‘choka’ to get it approved.

Just Do It! That’s my new manthra

Venus : We have thought of a strategy to grow your brand and an advertising idea that has endless possibilities to be fleshed out, like er …….

Mars : We just need a ‘creative campaign’ like ………….. so and so. So don’t waste our time with ideas and brand building stories. If you can’t, we’ll get it done any way.

Guys, Just Do It! That’s my new manthra

Mars : So what have you got?

Venus : Something in the lines of what you were looking for may be…

Mars : Oh no. This is not at all creative. You guys should really do some creative work once in a way.

Venus : Well we also have one which we think would work for the brand

Mars : This is really great. Really creative. I understand perfectly. But the consumer will never understand. (I hear David Ogilvy reeling in his grave screaming “The consumer is not a moron. She’s your wife!”) This may get you a chillie, but will not sell my brand!

Guys Just Do It! That’s my new manthra


Venus : Hi how’s the campaign doing

Mars : Working really well. Thanks.

Venus : Have the sales picked up?

Mars : Not sure about that but I’ve got so many of my friends calling me. And my wife loves it so does my son.

Venus : Ah! That’s great

Mars : I knew my idea was a great one and the strategy we came up with (it’s also called the mutilation strategy) is a winner, don’t you think. Thanks for all the running around you did

Venus : Our pleasure


“Behind all great advertising is a great client”

Welcome to the new era of advertising industry challenges…things are changing for sure.

So what choice do I have?

Believe in the craft I love and fight for the basics that should never change, under this wave of social change that’s sadly engulfing us all? Inspire and give my team some hope about this irresistible career called advertising and give them courage to fight for what they believe in, regardless? Keep hoping that this is just a bad dream we are experiencing and that soon we’ll wake up to saner times?

If all else fails, Just Do It until I find a better way to make a living?


About lifeisabeach

love to use communication as a tool of passionate expression of personal views
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